Carol Burnett

Life goes on, and you have to be grateful that it all existed. That you were able to make your dreams real. I’ll always be fortunate.

-Carol Burnett, episode 187 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Today, on her 90th birthday, a celebration of Carol Burnett! After seven decades in the industry, Burnett sat down with Sam to discuss her upbringing in the Hollywood Arms Apartments (4:25), a mysterious envelope of money that allowed her to study at UCLA (8:00), a generous loan that catapulted her to New York City (13:06), and her “big break” in 1957 (23:30).

Then, we walk through how Julie & Carol at Carnegie Hall came to be (31:40), finding her place in “a man’s game” on network television (40:15), and her fond memories of The Carol Burnett Show and everyone who made it possible (43:56). Finally, before we leave, a conversation on divine intervention (52:00) and what she’s grateful for today (56:37).

Original illustration by Krishna Shenoi.

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