Episode 373

Richard Linklater

Director Richard Linklater on his new film ‘Hit Man,’ guiding words on identity by writer Thomas Wolfe, and a memory with Robert Altman.

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The show actually thrives on his innate interest in people. His ability to open up to his guest in a way that allows for reciprocation is a quality specific to Talk Easy. The line dividing interviewer and guest disappears and an element of mutual discovery is explored.

AV Club

Truly remarkable in its depth and focus on the part of Sam Fragoso… his extraordinary preparation, along with an almost hypnotic meditative style of inquiry left me sitting at my desk in a daze.

Holland Taylor

Actress & Playwright

The weirdest interview I’ve ever done in my life.

Eric André

Comedian, Actor, & Writer

Incredibly grateful for Talk Easy and the very thoughtful questions Sam asked me. A wide-ranging conversation. Blessed to take part.

Brittany Packnett Cunningham


Whether it’s true or not, I choose to believe that Sam and I spent the best afternoon ever for Talk Easy, and will now be friends for life! Right Sam? Sam? Sam?

Ted Danson

Actor & Producer

Sam is by far and away the most careful, thoughtful, and best prepared interviewer I’ve ever had. Also, now that I am losing my memory I’m definitely calling you up when I need help remembering.

Gloria Steinem

Journalist and Activist

You’re great at your job. I feel like I’m on some hip, FM channel… and it’s 1971. You’re a throwback

Jeff Garlin

Comedian & Actor