Natasha Lyonne

Directing is the clearest embodiment of true joy from the arts that I’ve found. It’s the best use of me; the healthiest version of me. Suddenly, everybody wants me to be decisive, exacting, and obsessive. There’s an intimacy to that that’s really what I’m all about.”

-Natasha Lyonne, episode 319 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Today, we sit with brilliant actor, director, writer, and producer, Natasha Lyonne. At the top, we walk through the inspiration behind her hit Peacock series Poker Face (6:30), including shows and films like Columbo, Night Moves, and California Split (7:40), and a deeply personal scene with Nick Nolte, directed by Lyonne herself (10:50). Then, she reflects on her childhood acting in New York City (14:44), the new creative path she forged for herself at sixteen (22:40), and her healing road to the theatre alongside playwrights Mike Leigh (40:40) and the late Nora Ephron (42:25).

To close, we sit with her seven-year journey to creating Russian Doll (44:16), a memorable evening directing the show (50:42), and a lifelong philosophy by Nora Ephron (56:28).


Illustrations by: Krishna Shenoi.

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