Betty Gilpin

I’ve settled into myself a little more. I think that’s all you can hope for. I’m really grateful to have a job where you have to keep asking yourself big questions—but also engage with your inner kid all the time.

-Betty Gilpin, episode 327 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Today, we sit with actor Betty Gilpin! We talk about her role in the prescient new Peacock series Mrs. Davis (6:35), her relationship to technology and social media (8:54), and growing up around actor parents (17:25). Then, we discuss her early years studying acting (20:51), under the legendary Dianne Wiest (22:10), and her path from college to off-Broadway theater (26:30).

In the back half, we walk through her rapid ascent from Nurse Jackie to GLOW (35:28), the ‘seesaw of acting’ she experienced (39:20), and the weight of her work (41:15). To close, Betty honors the next generation of performers (46:07) and shares a formative passage from her book, All the Women in My Brain (47:48).

Original illustration by Krishna Shenoi.

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