Noomi Rapace

I created an identity for myself to be a person that always gives one hundred percent. I just can’t do less and I’m very stubborn. In every role, there’s a moment— there’s always one wall that I need to climb and some fear I need to confront in myself. Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes emotional or psychological. If I have a thing that’s like, “Oh that’s scary,” I need to go there.

  • – Noomi Rapace, episode 246 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Upon the release of her new film Lamb, we sit with actor Noomi Rapace. We begin with how she explained the project to her son (4:24), after two decades of fearless performances (6:18) ignited by her breakout role in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (17:24). As we reflect on the pandemic, she describes a feeling of stillness (20:09) that emerged after Lamb—a counter to the years of “running” during Prometheus, Sherlock Holmes, and The Drop (23:02). As we leave, we revisit an early interview clip (25:05), her realizations about motherhood (30:02), and what it means to listen more (34:36).

Show notes