Matthew McConaughey

“I was like, you know what? I need to have a look at some things. Have a look back, give myself a proverbial winter, and figure out why I stepped in potholes so I can quit stepping in the damn things. That’s me not going to bed with a list of things I want to improve on and waking up and forgetting them. That’s me remembering them. That’s me wanting to course correct this thing I’m doing that’s not feeding me and that keeps making me fall down.”                                                                                                                             – Matthew McConaughey, episode 201 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Matthew McConaughey just keeps livin. In his new memoir, Greenlights, you hear how. Through the trials and tribulations, speed-bumps and roadblocks, the Oscar-winning actor has remained unwaveringly optimistic and full-hearted. Today he joins us to share selected scenes from his life, on-screen and off. We start with the whirlwind year of 1992 (3:15) before moving into lessons learned from the late Joel Schumacher (13:02) and his idol, Paul Newman (18:07). He also candidly reflects on his rom-com decade (28:34), how his parents’ on-again, off-again marriage impacted him (34:17), the McConaissance, from Mud to True Detective to Killer Joe (40:05). Then, before we go, he shares his hopes for the future–his and ours both (51:00).



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