Miranda July

“That feeling becomes clearer… each thing is all there is. There isn’t some reward for the work that comes. There’s rewards, but it’s mostly going to be the work. There’s no great thing; no party that’s going to be thrown that’s so amazing. You’re not going to “get” to some place. Now it’s also like, if I could just keep doing this to the end, that would be great. ”                            – Miranda July, episode 192 on Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

In a world yearning for connection, Miranda July’s latest film, Kajillionaire, may be just what we need right now. This week, the multi-hyphenate artist processes personal milestones amidst this pandemic (11:43), the complexity of parent-child relationships (21:32), the intended audience for Me and You and Everyone We Know (31:35), how unexpected pockets of human interaction fuel her creativity (34:30), the (im)possibilities of connection (40:11), and her hopes of balancing the work of an artist and a mother (42:17).


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