Janelle Monáe

“I’m not going to give this country to a racist. I’m not going to give this country to a white supremacist. I’m not going to give this country to those who benefit from racist policies. My goal is to continue to fight against the oppressive power through art, through my platform, with my voice, even if nobody is listening, speaking out loud about not settling for just lip service.”   

– Janelle Monáe, episode 189 on Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Janelle Monáe believes she’s “connected to the future”. And I believe her. But right now she (like all of us) is forced to confront the present. This week we sit with the visionary artist to discuss the painful timeliness of her latest film, Antebellum (5:40), and how it aims to humanize black women (8:40). We also dive into her love of sci-fi growing up in the midwest (12:22), the gift of being fired from OfficeDepot (17:57), the Wondaland collective (26:12), and, finally, the importance of art and accountability in our strange, new world (36:59).

Show notes: