Abbi Jacobson

“I’m yearning to go a little deeper in all ways. I still have that yearning that Ilana and I had. That hustle feels in my bones.”

-Abbi Jacobson, episode 287 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Today we’re joined by Abbi Jacobson! We begin with her new series, A League of Their Own (5:35), the legacy of the 1992 film (10:35), her earliest comedic influences (15:05), moving to New York City post-college (21:04), falling in love with improv at UCB (25:08), the night she met Ilana Glazer (32:40), and a handful of memories creating Broad City (37:20).

On the back-half, Abbi tells the story behind her book I Might Regret This (43:33), how heartbreak brought her to Los Angeles (46:22), what she hopes her sixty-year-old self looks like (50:42), and why she wants to continue making ‘inviting work’ (54:12). To close, she tells us a love story (1:03:16).

Original illustration by Krishna ShenoiReference image by Ryan Pfluger.

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