Jeff Garlin

The greatest combination is confidence and humbleness. I’m confident that my skill level for comedian is at a high level—but I’m also humble enough to appreciate the opportunity that I get to go onstage. – Jeff Garlin, episode 249 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

With the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jeff Garlin is back on the show! Our talk with the Chicago-born comedian opens with a song (4:16) and a spirited exchange over cancel culture (8:10). Then, Garlin shares his excitement around returning to comedy clubs (19:53), his philosophy on dreams (24:30), the night he lost his virginity to a heckler (29:16), how he found love in the pandemic (32:10), and why he’s seeing his work on “Curb” in a new light (35:40). 

Before we go, Jeff walks us through the weekend that changed his life (38:54), a piece of wisdom from Kurt Vonnegut (45:22), and the importance of being kind to yourself, however old or young (47:20).

Show notes


Illustration by: Krishna Shenoi