One thing that we weren’t scared of while making Schitt’s Creek was sincerity. I think my new film has that fearlessness— when it comes to touching on earnestness, warmth, and honesty. I could have gone down a path where I wanted to make it edgier, but that wasn’t my experience.”

-Dan Levy, episode 358 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Over the past decade, writer and actor Dan Levy rose to prominence for his work on Schitt’s Creek. After co-creating the series with his father, Eugene Levy, he turned to a more personal project.

Said project is his heartfelt directorial debut, a film entitled Good Grief (4:40). At the top of our conversation, Dan shares the origin of this story (13:22) and we discuss the importance of friendship (15:18), his experience working as a director (18:30), and a pivotal, full-circle moment from his time in London (20:32). Then, we discuss how he charted his course as a co-host on MTV Canada (28:00), the red carpet experience that clarified his path forward (35:22), and his ultimate arrival at making Schitt’s Creek (37:40).

On the back-half, we unpack the pure, timeless nature of the hit series (45:25), Dan’s journey to making Good Grief after the show’s momentous conclusion (49:15), a powerful scene from the film (52:18), the universality of loss (56:40), and the responses that encourage him to continue creating (1:00:00).

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Original illustration by Krishna ShenoiReference image by Jose Mandojana.

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