Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott has made a living out of making us laugh. Whether that be through writing and performing on Late Night with David Letterman, support parts in Groundhog Day and There’s Something About Mary, or his cult-classic “sitcom” Get A Life, he’s done it all. Most recently, he’s in Bridey Elliott’s directorial debut Clara’s Ghost. Over the next hour Sam and Chris dive into how he juggled fatherhood and the Letterman show, the difficulties of making Get A Life, and why Cabin Boy has shaped the last 20 years of his career.

Show notes:

More information about Clara’s Ghost can be found here.

Here is The Ringer article about Cabin Boy.

A trailer for Clara’s Ghost, now out in theaters and VOD. And a review of the film in The Village Voice.

The show is produced by Dylan Peck. Illustrations by Krishna Shenoi.