Sarah Silverman

There’s power in the quiet moments between words. Being comfortable in silence—to not be afraid of it—is not just about stand-up. Once I really understood that, I saw it all around me.

-Sarah Silverman, episode 335 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Today, we’re joined by comedian Sarah Silverman! At the top, we reflect on loss (7:16), her new special, Sarah Silverman: Someone You Love (12:35), and coming of age in the ‘80s (18:42). Then, she talks about her early comedic influences (25:35), her path from SNL to Los Angeles (32:30), and the mentorship of Garry Shandling (35:10). 

On the back-half, we walk through the evolution of her provocative work, from The Sarah Silverman Program (38:42) to I Love You, America (46:052), the connecting quality of her podcast (49:12), and the legacy of her late father (51:57).


Illustrations by Krishna ShenoiReference image by Patrick Fraser.

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