Sam Sanders

“I think that so often, when you enter journalism or creative fields, you kind of get the message that you’re allowed to be yourself— to a certain extent. I’m interested in people hearing themselves in my work who didn’t expect to hear themselves.

–Sam Sanders, episode 345 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Sam Sanders is the host of Into It, a twice-weekly podcast surveying all things pop culture. Today: he joins us for a review of summer 2023!

At the top, we discuss Barbenheimer (7:20), the dual Hollywood strikes (14:12), Trump’s mug shot (19:00), the RNC debate (21:50), and the Montgomery Riverfront Brawl (26:05).

On the back-half, Sanders reflects on growing up in Texas (36:30), his childhood of churchgoing (42:48), and how he found his voice on the microphone (46:45). To close, we talk about the power of safe spaces (49:40), representation in media (55:15), and his hope for the future of journalism (59:46).