Abbi Jacobson

“I’m yearning to go a little deeper in all ways. I still have that yearning that Ilana and I had. That hustle feels in my bones.”

-Abbi Jacobson, episode 287 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Today, our conversation with actor and writer Abbi Jacobson! We sat with Abbi last summer around the release of her latest series, A League of Their Own (5:35), to discuss the legacy of the 1992 film (10:35), her earliest comedic influences (15:05), moving to New York City post-college (21:04), falling in love with improv at UCB (25:08), the night she met Ilana Glazer (32:40), and a handful of memories creating Broad City (37:20).

On the back-half, Abbi tells the story behind her book I Might Regret This (43:33), how heartbreak brought her to Los Angeles (46:22), what she hopes her sixty-year-old self looks like (50:42), and why she wants to continue making ‘inviting work’ (54:12). To close, she tells us a love story (1:03:16).

Original illustration by Krishna ShenoiReference image by Ryan Pfluger.

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