Quinta Brunson

The new season of Abbott allowed me to trust myself even more. You hope your art is received in the way you intended it to be. And the first season was; it caused a cultural conversation. The show did things that I didn’t even intend for it to do.”

-Quinta Brunson, episode 294 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Today, we return to our conversation with “Abbott Elementary” creator and star, Quinta Brunson!

On the heels of her historic Emmy wins, we discuss the guiding principles behind the series (6:02), its incomparable cast (9:41), and the show’s personal connection to Quinta’s upbringing in West Philadelphia (14:49). Then, we unpack her earliest comedic influences (19:21), performing in improv in college (26:31), and the solace she found in Second City Chicago (29:09).

On the back-half, Quinta reflects on moving to Los Angeles at twenty-three (33:27), the feelings of alienation that followed (35:02), and the Comedy Store performance that irrevocably altered her course (36:55) and brought her to Abbott Elementary (46:56). To close, she shares her hopes for the years to come (51:00).

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Original illustration by Krishna ShenoiReference image by Jonny Marlow.

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