Sudan Archives

For the last week of Talk Easy‘s spotlight on Stone’s Throw Records, Sam sits down with up-and-coming musician Sudan Archives, whose real name is Brittany Parks. 22-year-old Sudan is a largely self-made artist who discovered a passion for instrumental music during her high school days. Sudan’s journey to Stone’s Throw is pretty remarkable: after noticing her ability to play by ear and honing her musical sense at the Midwest churches she grew up in, she moved to LA and began producing her songs on an iPad. In this episode, Sudan and Sam speak about all of this and more, including her upcoming EP and the Ghana-set music video for “Time.”

Show Notes

  • You can find the music used in the episode here, here, and here.
  • You can find more of Sudan’s music here.
  • Sudan has two upcoming shows in June! The first is at the Hyperion Tavern in Silverlake on June 16th, the second will be at Glendale’s Open Arts Festival on June 29th.

Music by Jinsang and Vanilla. Original illustration by Krishna Shenoi.

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