Nina Lorez Collins

Nina Lorez Collins stopped by Talk Easy this week to share her story and drop some knowledge in an intimate conversation with Sam. The writer and life coach is currently working on two books: the first is an extension of her popular Facebook group for women in transition, “What Would Virginia Woolf Do?” and the second is a memoir about her late mother, filmmaker Kathleen Collins. Over the course of the hour, she and Sam get into the details of both, while Nina also sheds light on often-undiscussed topics including aging as a women, relating to one’s own body and the bodies of others, growing past anger, and the particular scars and imprints only parents can leave.

Show notes:

  • Sam and Nina reference words she’s written as well as a recent profile of her Facebook group. You can find some of Nina’s words here and here, and the profile here.
  • If you’re a woman over forty and up for lively discussions about bodies, age, sex, and life, you can request to join Nina’s Facebook group

Music for the show is by Dylan Peck:

Original illustrations by Krishna Shenoi: