Juliette Lewis

“I didn’t know to be intimidated or that I was working with the greats of cinema. You’re just in it. When you’re a kid older people say, ‘You know this is all going to whip by and you’re going to be old soon, enjoy.’ I didn’t know I was going to wake up one day and miss my childhood.” – Juliette Lewis, episode 164 on Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Actress Juliette Lewis “lost her anonymity” with the movies. Movies you’ve probably seen. Cape Fear, Natural Born Killers, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, From Dusk Till Dawn. She’s a visceral, singular performer, untethered to convention. This was true in 1989 and even more true in 2020. But it’s what unfolds off-screen that Lewis keeps returning to these days. The larger, existential considerations one has as both a human and an artist. Ping-ponging between the past and present, we discuss the insanity of fame as a teenager, actress Karen Black’s enduring influence, the passing of her father and how music (both her own and others) changed her life.


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      • The song that opens this episode is “She Belongs to Me” by Bob Dylan.
      • Here is Karen Black’s monologue from The Great Gatsby (1974).
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Illustrations by: Krishna Shenoi.

Photographs by: Emma Mead

Music by: Dylan Peck and Jinsang.

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