Naomi Klein

“I am a journalist first and foremost. I do have this desire to go to extreme places. Journalists are weird. We run towards burning buildings. It takes a certain kind of personality type to go into a war zone, into a disaster zone, when everyone else is going in the opposite direction.”

 – Naomi Klein, episode 165 on Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Naomi Klein is an author, filmmaker and climate activist. But above all– she is a journalist. She joins us to reflect on her natural instinct to run toward crisis; her decades long research of disaster capitalism; the striking systemic difference between her home country of Canada and the United States; the influence of her grandfather’s strike against Disney; and how this pandemic has asked her to slow down.

It is important to note this interview was conducted remotely. Our guest, Naomi Klein, self-diagnosed herself with COVID-19 earlier this month. We are happy to report she has made a healthy recovery. 


      • To learn more about Naomi you can visit her personal website.
      • Read the 2008 New Yorker profile of Naomi here.
      • We referenced a handful of titles authored by Naomi. If you’d like to purchase those books, you find them here.
      • To hear on Coronavirus Capitalism, her video on The Intercept.

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