Brittany Howard

“The pandemic does disarm us all because we’re not in control of where we’re going in the future. We don’t know, but man, ain’t that life anyway, though? Like that old saying goes, you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Hard to accept, but plans go out the window right now. You live for today. If you’re feeling depressed that’s how you feel today. And you gotta meet that now, instead of putting it off for later.”

– Brittany Howard, episode 188 on Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Growing up in the Athens, Alabama, singer-songwriter Brittany Howard acutely understands this moment in America. We talk about how Trump preys on the low-income communities she grew up in (6:48), the crisis in Kenosha (11:06), her ever-evolving spiritual relationship with her sister, Jaime (12:46), her departure from the Alabama Shakes (19:11), looking for a challenge in everything she does (22:08), the stories behind three of her love songs, and, finally, the miracle of of her journey, from the girl who borrowed her sister’s guitar to the woman performing around the world (35:30).


  • Listen to Brittany’s debut solo record, Jaime, through her personal website.
  • Watch her intimate Tiny Desk concert.
  • Learn more about Powered by People through their mission statement.
  • Sign up for a phone-bank to swing Texas blue, here.

Illustrations by: Krishna Shenoi.

Music by: Dylan Peck

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