Cat Solen

Cat Solen, director of the Adult Swim series The Shivering Truth, sits down with us this week. She discusses the allegory and surrealism of The Shivering Truth (42:50), her love and fear of scary movies as a child, and the sense of responsibility she felt to take care of the world (46:02), the production process of an episode between her and Vernon Chatman (52:37), learning to embrace her work and not feel the need to apologize for her passion-turned-profession (1:00:18), and the significance of The Wizard of Speed and Time and Mike Jittlov and his animation stand (1:07:14).


  • Visit Cat’s personal website here.
  • Watch The Shivering Truth on Adult Swim and Hulu.
  • Illustrations by: Krishna Shenoi.
  • Music by: Dylan Peck.

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