Ilana Glazer

Creating Broad City cost a lot, but what are you going to do in life— not spend? It’s not a sacrifice; it’s life. I am so proud of the show. It felt dutiful to do that work.”

-Ilana Glazer, episode 371 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

This week we’re joined by comedian and actor Ilana Glazer.

At the top, Glazer reflects on her recent tour across the country (4:55), portraying a new mother in Babes while having her first child (8:30), and the film’s timely politics around reproductive rights (10:28). Then, we dive into the creation of Broad City with collaborator Abbi Jacobson (16:06), how the show ascended to five seasons on Comedy Central with the support of Amy Poehler (22:40), and their maternal approach to creating the series (26:14).

On the back-half, we talk about her regenerative period following Broad City (37:10), why Glazer has yet to rewatch the series (39:00), her daily practice of presence (48:05), the joy of parenthood (50:05), and why she still has faith in humanity (58:10).

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