Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Willem Dafoe

For over thirty years, Willem Dafoe has been putting in hard work on stage and screen, and it’s paid off. Starting in 1980 with Heaven’s Gate, a movie that he was mostly cut from during editing, he went on to take memorable roles in a wide range of films that include Platoon, The English Patient, Shadow of a Vampire, and Spider-Man. Most recently, he’s starring in The Florida Project, a film by Sean Baker that premiered to acclaim at last month’s Toronto Film Festival. Willem sits down this week to talk to Sam about his career (4:55), his appreciation for outsiders (21:20), and the tricky balancing act of maintaining privacy as a public figure (15:50).

Show notes:

  • Check out the trailer for The Florida Project here and then go see it in theaters starting October 6th.

Music for the show is by Dylan Peck:

Original illustrations by Krishna Shenoi: