Erica Chidi Cohen

This week, CEO, author, and nationally recognized doula Erica Chidi Cohen joins Sam on the show. Erica is known for taking a whole-self, support-based approach to pregnancy and parenting, first through her solo doula practice and soon through her upcoming LA-based reproductive wellness center, LOOM. She’s knowledgeable, upbeat, and always open to discuss the nuances of her profession. Here she talks to Sam about her unique upbringing in South Africa, her career spent helping families, and keeping it real about the childbirth experience.

Show notes:

  • Erica Chidi Cohen’s book, Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood – and Trusting Yourself and Your Body, is available on Amazon.
  • If you’re in LA, check out Erica’s new reproductive wellbeing center, LOOM, which opens in October.
  • Erica’s Instagram offers a peek inside her life and work, plus product recommendations for new and expecting parents.

Music for the show is by Dylan Peck.

Original illustrations by Krishna Shenoi: