W. Kamau Bell

Four years ago W. Kamau Bell joined us on Talk Easy. It was a different time, before Donald Trump was President Trump. This week the sociopolitical comedian returns to provide some light and laughter in these trying times. He discusses being a parent during the pandemic, the insensitive comments made by the U.S. Surgeon General, going back to Mobile, Alabama for his CNN show (United Shades of America), and the life lessons learned from his father and Chris Rock.

We also answers some listener questions before sharing the (unusual) story of how Kamau and Sam met back in 2015.


      • To learn more about W. Kamau Bell, visit his site.
      • Here’s our first conversation with Kamau on episode two of the podcast.
      • Then listen to our second conversation with him!
      • W. Kamau Bell hosts United Shades of America on CNN. All episodes can be streamed on Hulu and Youtube TV with subscription.
      • You can watch The Last Dragon on Sony Crackle. for free.

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