Noam Chomsky

“For every problem that we face we know of solutions. The question is will enough young people find the ability, commitment and dedication to implement the kinds of solutions we know are possible.”

 – Noam Chomsky, episode 167 on Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Who better to guide us through this darkness than Noam Chomsky? The esteemed linguist, author, and political activist joins us to provide a historical perspective on the pandemic (44:02). He also offers his diagnosis of the Trump administration and its failure to effectively respond to COVID-19. At 91, Chomsky is a beacon of hope in these trying times.

Before speaking with Noam, Sam calls up Dr. Ashish Jha, Director of Harvard Global Health Institute (2:57) to walk us through life on the front-lines, inside hospitals, when we can expect to return to normal, and how we can ultimately beat this virus.


      • To learn more about Noam Chomsky, visit his site.
      • You can read Chomsky’s paraphrasing of Walter Lippman’s ideas of democracy here.
      • In 2017, Sam wrote an article about Noam Chomsky for Pacific Standard magazine that seems applicable today, read it here.
      • Dr. Ashish Jha wrote a piece regarding next steps for COVID-19 for Forbes Magazine, read it here.

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