Vince Staples

If you live in and you accept those moments and learn from those moments while making music, I think that’s the art of it. Not necessarily the packaging and the marketing. The art of it is, in theory, the execution of it, which you do while you’re creating these moments. Everything else is just a copy, so to speak, in the art world. These CDs, these vinyls, these are all copies of something that was done in real time. I appreciate what was done in real time.
  Vince Staples, episode 233 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Rapper Vince Staples joins us this week upon the release of his latest album! In-between listening to his work, we discuss music as “product management” (7:30), the virtue of Russell Westbrook (8:45), centering oneself in gratitude (13:08), creating opportunities within the YMCA Youth Institute in Long Beach (17:50), Staple’s support system within the industry (22:36), as well as his relationship with his mother and father (26:06). Then, before we leave, Vince reflects on the passing of loved ones (30:28) and his hope for a richer humanity (38:00).

Show notes