Trace Lysette

This week, Hustlers actress Trace Lysette joins us on the show! She reflects on “giving birth to herself” in New York (8:30), developing Tribe with Devere Rogers (10:30), manifesting an abundance of opportunity for transgender artists (11:40), fighting passivity in storytelling (14:00), facing the duality of success and heartbreak (17:00), navigating dating in Los Angeles (21:00), recognizing and educating against toxic masculinity (27:00), speaking out during the #MeToo movement (35:00), finding an anchor in her mother and friends (37:00), questioning her right to pay parity (39:40), and finally, embracing a prospective future of leading roles (47:00).

Show notes

      • Watch the new trailer for Hustlers, featuring Trace, here.
      • Transparent: Musicale Finale is available to stream on Amazon Prime.
      • Another long-form interview with Trace in Vogue.

Illustrations by
Krishna Shenoi. Music by Dylan Peck and Jinsang.

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