Scott Aukerman

This week we’re joined by podcaster/filmmaker/writer Scott Aukerman! He talks about his his first TV appearances back in high school (08:12), his affinity for David Letterman (11:52), how he used humor to dodge playground bullies (16:15), playing a certain kind of character on-mic (24:00), his early days of trying to make it in LA (28:26), a game-changing interaction with Bob Odenkirk (33:39), how his partner became his ex… and then his wife (37:33), the creative differences (and struggles) between making television versus movies (41:06), how he hit rock bottom after success (48:31), why he made a documentary about his parents (52:33), the birth of Comedy Bang! Bang! (57:32), the challenges of professionally collaborating with your friends (1:07:13), and, finally, his comedy mantra (1:12:52).


Illustrations by Krishna Shenoi. Music by Dylan Peck and Jinsang.

This episode of Talk Easy was taped at Earwolf in Los Angeles, California. Special thanks this week to engineer Devon Bryant.

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