Noël Wells Returns!

Early this year, Sam and actress Noël Wells recorded an episode of Talk Easy at Sundance. Days after the presidential inauguration and in the midst of festival chaos, it was a strange time for both of them, but the resulting conversation was thought-provoking and lovely. Now Noël’s back at a different moment of her life–debuting Mr. Roosevelt, her first feature as director, writer, and lead actress–for another round of thoughtful conversation. Here, she and Sam talk about parallels between Mr. Roosevelt and Noël’s past (6:30), her years spent as a self-proclaimed try-hard (13:15), the online-comment-obsessed culture of SNL (26:20), the nuance of discussing sexual misconduct in Hollywood (30:50), and more.

Show notes:

  • Noël has lots of new and upcoming movies worth looking out for, including Infinity Baby, The Incredible Jessica James, Mr. Roosevelt, Social Animals, and Happy Anniversary. Right now you can catch Jessica James on Netflix and find out when Mr. Roosevelt will be in a theater near you here.
  • Even though she’d probably tell you to get off Twitter, you can still follow Noël there @RealTomHankz.

Music for the show is by Dylan Peck:

Original illustrations by Krishna Shenoi: