To celebrate the fiftieth episode of Talk Easy we decided to do something a little different, which ended up being Sam sitting down with his mother for an interview. This episode is not only special for how far the show has come, but the glimpse it gives us into the lives of both Sam and his mother. The love and respect that Sam and his mom have for one another is blatant throughout the entirety of this episode, and we feel lucky to have caught it on tape. In this hour, we learn about her childhood (9:16), the experiences she had at the age Sam is now (17:53), meeting Sam’s dad (43:06), and the joy she got from motherhood (54:05).

Show Notes

  • We would like to thank everyone who has listened to this show for the past fifty (!) episodes. Most importantly, though, we would like to thank Sam’s mom for sitting down to do this interview.

Music by Jinsang and Vanilla. Original illustration by Krishna Shenoi.

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