Max Linsky

On this week’s show, our guest is one of the inspirations for this very podcast. Max Linsky, co-host of the ‘Longform’ podcast, which features excellent in-depth interviews with many of the best journalists in the field. Max is also the co-founder of Pineapple Street Media, a podcasting and media company, as well as the host of the ‘With Her’ podcast, the official podcast of the Hillary Clinton campaign. That’s right, Max co-hosts a podcast with Hillary Clinton herself.

Sam and Max discuss Hillary, journalism, the art of interviewing, the wild story of how he met his wife, and much, much more.

Show Notes

Be sure to subscribe to the ‘Longform’ podcast to hear Max’s many interviews with some of the best journalists around.

Then check out ‘With Her’ for Max’s interviews with Hillary Clinton and others on the Clinton campaign team.

Also, keep an eye on Pineapple Street Media for plenty more podcast goodness.

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Original illustration by Krishna Shenoi.

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