Janicza Bravo

This week’s episode was recorded live at South by Southwest with emerging filmmaker, Janicza Bravo. Janicza’s work has been described as “unpredictable” and “bizarre,” however these descriptions overlook the nuances and empathy that she puts into her films. She frequently collaborates with her partner, Brett Gelman, who we had on the show back in January (January 17th, to be exact). In this interview Sam and Janicza talk about her burgeoning career as a feature-length director, working on the set of Atlanta, and rooting for unlikable characters.

Show Notes

  • Watch Janicza’s short films Gregory Go Boom here and Eat here.
  • You can watch the trailer for the episode of Atlanta that Janicza directed here.
  • Just a few days ago Janicza’s first full-length movie LEMON was picked up by Magnolia for distribution! You can read more about this exciting next step for her here.

Music by Jinsang and Vanilla. Original illustration by Krishna Shenoi.

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