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Truth and decency, I think, are things that we’re allowed to take positions on, but not just allowed, supposed to take positions on, obligated to take positions on.– Jake Tapper, episode 226 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Anchorman and author Jake Tapper (CNN) joins us this week! We discuss his approach to challenging politicians on air (3:15), the danger of “both sides-ism” (5:55), the mental instability he’s come across in Washington (9:53) and why all politicians think of themselves as the “hero” of the story (14:52). 

With the release of his new book, The Devil May Dance, Tapper candidly reflects on the power dynamics between journalists and elected officials (16:22), CNN’s role in generating the Trump phenomenon (18:40), the mistakes made in the past four years (21:27), and why he believes the new media can (and will) “rise to the challenge” of better coverage in future elections (29:09). 

Then, before we go, we return to Tapper’s guiding journalistic principles (37:29), a passage from the late Walter Cronkite (40:30), and why he continues doing the work he’s doing (46:03).

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