Jacki Weaver

Gin Queen, Mates! Jacki Weaver is on this week, reflecting on her childhood in Sydney (07:54), an early and undying devotion to acting (09:34), never becoming a social worker (14:09), being a romantic (16:41), the joys and toils of motherhood (18:15), her first marriage at age 19 (20:04), the memoir she never intended to write (21:19), working consistently in show-business through the 70s and 80s (22:49), looking for and finding balance (25:42), life on stage (27:24), not really fearing death (51:57), reserving judgment (31:54), the snowball success of 2010’s Animal Kingdom (35:06), being happy (39:17), aging in Hollywood (40:19), her parents’ love (45:55), and her own (48:30).


  • trailer for Poms, now out in theaters.
  • Perpetual Grace, LTD, a new thriller series starring Jacki, Ben Kingsley and more, is coming to Epix in June.
  • 2010’s Animal Kingdom, mentioned in this conversation, is available to stream on iTunes and Amazon Prime.
  • Much Love, Jac, Jacki’s memoir, was published in 2005.
  • Pam Grier, Jacki’s Poms co-star, sat down with Sam just recently. Check out her episode here.

Illustrations by Krishna Shenoi. Music by Dylan Peck. This episode of Talk Easy was taped at York Recording in Los Angeles, California. Special thanks to engineer Tim Moore.

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