Norman Lear

TV titan Norman Lear joins Sam on the show this week. The 95-year-old is chiefly responsible for changing television. His shows—All in the Family, Maude, The Jeffersons, Good Times—were unlike anything that came before them. Political, combative, funny. Lear’s greatest gift is his endless curiosity in the imperfection of humans. Especially Americans. When Sam and Norman sat down, they discussed his remarkable life, one story at a time.

Show notes: 

  • Norman’s memoir, called “Even This, I Get To Experience”is available on Amazon.
  • Listen to Norman’s new podcast! It’s called All of the Above with Norman Lear from PodcastOne.
  • For more info about Norman’s entertainment company, Act III, visit their website.
  • Everything Norman can be found on his website at

Music for the show is by Dylan Peck.

Original illustrations by Krishna Shenoi: