Janaya Future Khan

“We have been beaten down. We have been told to shrink. Why? In our society we are told we are worthless; we are only as useful as what we can produce. And you hear those things and you begin to think that it’s true… which is why I don’t see it as activism anymore. I see it as the work of being alive.”                                                                                                                              – Janaya Future Khan, episode 203 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Activist and social-justice educator Janaya Future Khan joins us in conversation this week. We discuss the therapeutic value of boxing (10:40), the racial biases embedded into modern technology (15:24), the danger of political nihilism (23:33), how activism is “the work of being alive (27:45), and why we need to rewrite generational scripts (39:54), especially as Defund the Police receives pushback (54:56). Finally, we end with Janaya’s moving tribute to the late John Lewis (1:01:10). 


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