Gloria Steinem

The trajectory of Gloria Steinem’s life and work is unparalleled. Her cultural and political impact, incalculable. With the release of “The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off”, the beloved author and activist reflects on a life-altering procedure she had completed at age 22, why she helped create the women’s liberation movement alongside Dorothy Pitman Hughes and Flo Kennedy, and how she learned to become angry—on her own behalf—about race and gender bias throughout America. We also discuss much more because this is Gloria Steinem.

  • Learn more about Gloria Steinem on her personal site.
  • We referenced a handful of titles authored by Gloria. If you’d like to purchase those books, you find them here.
  • Gloria, interviewed in 1971 for the CBC.
  • For more on the ERA, you can go to Vox and PBSOr this book by Jessica Neurwirth.

Illustrations by Krishna Shenoi. Music by Dylan Peck and Jinsang.

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