Gloria Steinem

Rest in peace to the estimable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We begin with a moment to reflect on Ginsburg’s enduring legacy, and how it must continue in her absence. Then, we turn to Gloria Steinem. A contemporary and friend to RBG, we hope revisiting this discussion (from 2019) may give you some hope in these turbulent times. The trailblazing activist and author discusses a life-altering procedure she had completed at age 22, why she helped create the women’s liberation movement alongside Dorothy Pitman Hughes and Flo Kennedy, and how she learned to become angry—on her own behalf—about the race and gender discrimination across America.

  • Sign the petition to not fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat until after inauguration.
  • Read about RBG’s life, in her own words.
  • Learn more about Gloria Steinem on her personal site.
  • We referenced a handful of titles authored by Gloria. If you’d like to purchase those books, you find them here.
  • Gloria, interviewed in 1971, for the CBC.
  • For more on the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), you can go to Vox and PBSOr this book by Jessica Neurwirth.

Illustrations by Krishna Shenoi.

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