Noam Chomsky

What’s needed is getting people to understand the world in which they live. It’s not a matter of trying to brainwash them with better slogans, but becoming educated and understanding.”

– Noam Chomsky, episode 199 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

At the end of a historic week, who better to provide perspective than Noam Chomsky? Today, he unpacks the 2020 election (5:25), the virtues of the Green New Deal (9:00), the perceived “radicalism” of Leftist proposals (14:21, 18:03), the need to better educate and organize (20:24), the upside to higher taxes in a democracy (24:56), compassion in the pandemic (35:26), and how Americans can move forward from our failures (40:03).


  • To learn more about Noam Chomsky, visit his site.
  • Purchase Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal here.
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Illustrations by: Krishna Shenoi.

Music by: Dylan Peck

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