Bonus Christmas Special 2016!

Merry Christmas, everybody! We’re closing out 2016 with a very special bonus episode of Talk Easy looking back on the year that was in cultural, politics, and art. To help us work it all out, we’ve invited back some of our favourite guests from Talk Easy episodes past, including Matt Zoller Seitz, Mackenzie Davis, Zazie Beetz, Wesley Morris, and more. Consider it a gift for the holiday season, and keep an eye out for the return of the show in January. Thanks for listening, and have a wonderful new year.

Guest Timestamps

Matt Zoller Seitz – 3:59
Bill and Turner Ross – 19:06
Mackenzie Davis – 25:04
Margaret Brown – 36:08
Max Linsky – 36:59
Melanie Lynskey – 40:22
Wesley Morris – 42:24
Alissa Wilkinson – 1:04:42
Zazie Beetz – 1:06:44

Show Notes

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Music by Vanilla.

Original illustration by Krishna Shenoi.

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