Amanda Seyfried

I think it’s important to appreciate where I am… I do not have any regrets. I’m worth a lot to myself. Life is long, but really fast. And my priority is to be present in everything that I do and to be deliberate and the choices I make and to make sure that I don’t hurt anybody and to find the fun wherever possible.

– Amanda Seyfried, episode 212 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Actress Amanda Seyfried’s 15-year long career has proved her range and talent, gifting us beloved performances in films such as Mean Girls and Mamma Mia. She joins us following her latest turn in David Fincher’s Mank in a poignant conversation around her life, acting, anxiety, and what it means to work in Hollywood.

We discuss sounding contemporary (5:17), why motherhood hasn’t changed her (6:53), being mistreated as a teenager in a cutthroat industry (13:13), the perfect first film in Mean Girls (15:26), the pressures put upon young women (18:41) as well as moving to LA at 18 (21:17). She then reads a friend’s poem, “Adult Child Of” (29:50), reflects on similarities between the Hollywood of Mank and that of today (36:08), shares how to survive the industry (40:46), and finally, considers who she is at 35 (41:51) and who she’d like to be in the years to come (45:32).

Show notes

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