Alex Ross Perry

Alex Ross Perry is a born and bred New Yorker. In shows in his movies, too: The Color Wheel, Listen Up Philip, Queen of Earth, Golden Exits. A staple in contemporary independent cinema the director’s latest, Her Smell, stars Elizabeth Moss as a ’90s punk rock star whose at the end of her rope. We talk his hypnotic new film (out April 12th), discarding unhealthy relationships, the toll of making indie films in 2019, and why he puts cinema before anything (or anyone) else.

  • Watch a trailer for Her Smell here. The film is out in New York April 12th. LA, San Francisco, Austin April 19th.
  • You can read a past interview with Sam & Alex for VICE.
  • Or even their first conversation, for

Illustrations by Krishan Shenoi. Music by Dylan Peck.

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