Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso


This week, in celebration of episode 150 of Talk Easy, host Sam Fragoso takes the stand! He reflects on his boyhood and his parents’ divorce (10:53), his love of basketball and what it signifies (13:10), and talks about how his interview with Woody Allen and its market laid the groundwork for starting a podcast (18:01), the first film he’s ever reviewed (23:27), moving from Chicago to California (25:48), evolving as a film critic while a junior in high school (29:13), wanting to not only write about films but also make them (35:27), his personal style of doing what he does (40:31), faith and god… with a grain of salt (45:08), being in control and how that translates (48:02), generating good times (56:36), the perks of being honest, vulnerable and…well prepared (1:04:03), and more.

A warm thank you to Harrison Cameron for hosting this special episode.

Illustrations by Krishna Shenoi. Music by Dylan Peck and Jinsang.

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