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Fran Lebowitz is the author of books like Metropolitan Life (1978) and Social Studies (1981). She is also a renowned public speaker, performing across the country in auditoriums and lecture halls. That was, until, the pandemic. In the absence of modern technology—she doesn’t have a cellphone, computer, etc.—there were no virtual events for Fran.

When we spoke in the summer of 2020, she called in from her landline. After we finished taping I asked how she could listen to our talk once aired. Crickets. But then I had an idea: “What if we printed a vinyl record of the podcast, and have it sent to you?” Fran was entertained by this prospect… before admitting to me that she does, in fact, not own a record player either. By the time she made this admission, I had fallen in love with the concept. And so here we are.

A luxuriating interview. And in a highly unusual move in the digital medium of podcasting, the interview can be purchased on vinyl, in case, like Lebowitz, you are a proud Luddite brimming with nostalgia.

— The New York Times

Original Airdate: July 19th, 2020
Runtime: 46:32
Design: Derek Gabryszak
Vinyl by Grooved

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