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Kimberly Drew

One of the greatest successes of this book is the vast kind of spectrum of not only people who are contributing, but the ways they’re contributing; how that energy of collection, preservation, archiving, sharing, witnessing can be a rubric for others. Especially when you’re thinking about marginalized folks who are often told that our stories don’t matter. Because even if there isn’t a relinquishing of power, there is a way that you can counteract that with an agency and a refusal of being erased, of being disenfranchised. And that, of course, has to start with understanding just how remarkable you are because people in positions of power would have you believe otherwise.

 Kimberly Drew, episode 213 of Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Following the recent release of their anthology, Black Futures, Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham join us this week. We discuss their hopes for 2021 (7:33), interrogating institutions like the HFPA (11:20), their career paths (18:10) and expanding accessibility within their respective industries (8:56). Jenna and Kimberly also reflect on how they’ve grown since creating Black Futures (25:38), navigating the pandemic (28:14), and the refuge they’ve found in the Marvel universe (32:27). Finally, they envision their future selves (39:47) and what a “black future” can look like (43:02).



Illustrations by: Krishna Shenoi.

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